Factor analysis for player similarity

I’ve developed a Shiny app in R which aims to model the similarity of player styles in Europe’s top 5 leagues. I’ve just looked at midfielders for now but I may extend this for other positions. I’d recommend reading this piece before actually using the app to better understand the method and limitations. The linkContinue reading “Factor analysis for player similarity”

Pricing a player with event data

The summer transfer window is just around the corner and every football fan has a wish list of players that they’d love their club to sign. There is much debate around transfer fees and the valuation of players. The typical fan comes up with a ‘finger to the air’ type estimate on value, but theyContinue reading “Pricing a player with event data”

The poisson distribution for football

I’ve decided to make a post on the poisson distribution for football and how it can be used in R. I think that this is a good starting point to familiarize yourself with probability distributions for football. The poisson distribution is a discrete probability distribution which expresses the probability of a number of events occurringContinue reading “The poisson distribution for football”

Going beyond expected goals per 90

The popularity of expected goals in football has grown hugely in recent years. It has represented a big step for data analytics in football and has even broken into some mainstream analysis on sky sports and match of the day. There are some simple ways to expand on it’s current usage. It’s typically used inContinue reading “Going beyond expected goals per 90”

Comparing expected goals models

I’ve finally got around to creating my own expected goals model in R. There are plenty of good explanations out there for anyone who is not familiar with the concept, but I’ll be looking at a few different methods that could be used for a model in this post. The methods that I’ve used are:Continue reading “Comparing expected goals models”